Twin Tuesday: Wedding Gifts

Dania here.

I read recently that the most popular wedding season has now changed from summer to fall. Given the amount of fall weddings we have seen lately, I can believe it. Last weekend, the hubs and I had one of these fall weddings to attend. It was for my cousin/good friend from college, and I was pretty excited for the festivities.

Usually, if I don’t have time to shop, I opt for the always popular gift card as a wedding present. However, a friend of mine showed me a Pintrest Wine-Bottle-Poem-Basket that she used as a wedding present recently. Inspired, I decided to attempt to be crafty myself. The results turned out pretty amazing, if you ask me!

wine basket

To create this gift, you need a few things:
– a basket (got mine at Michael’s)
– some filler (also Michael’s)
– ribbon (sensing a Michael’s theme…)
– variety of wine (any wine store, I picked ones with pretty multi-colored tops)
– poem tags (downloaded here… I’m not that creative!)

I printed the tags on colored card-stock because I didn’t have a colored printer. If I had fun scalloped scissors, I would’ve/could’ve used those for a prettier edge to the tags. However, I couldn’t locate my pair, so a regular straight edge worked just as well. I tied the tags to the bottles of wine using the gold ribbon, filled the basket with the filler, and arranged the bottles.

I added this decorative accent for some extra sparkle.

Voila! Instant beautiful wedding gift.


  • Tiffiny

    I love the poem tags. They will not open up to print. Can u please email them to me.

    • Dawn Sailors

      Hi Tiffiny. Unfortunately I did not create these tags and don’t have the source file to email to you. We just thought they were fun, and wanted to share. It looks like the creative lady who did make them isn’t currently offering downloads on her site. I’m sorry I can’t be of more help!!

  • Rachel

    The tags wouldn’t open to a correct link :/
    I’m thinking of doing this as a gift soon, do you have the original link for the tags?

  • Ashlee

    Loved this gift, by the way! Such a neat idea!!!


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