Twin Tuesdays: Candles… My obsession

Dania here. I’m obsessed with candles, it’s true. There is absolutely nothing like the soft light, warm glow, and sweet smell to comfort or relax me after a long day (or a long run). I light them in every room, most nights and every weekend. Although my husband baulks at the prices and doesn’t understand my need to have one candle in each room, with various but coordinating scents (obsessed I told you), he does understand that it brings me so much happiness, he has basically given up the fight.

Along with my obsession comes my need to have seasonal scents. I have a closet full of candles, and with each change in the weather, I look forward to bringing out my favorite scents of the season. Although I love all my scents, my favorites by far are fall scents. Last weekend, as the weather cooled, the widows were open, and the calendar neared September, I decided it was time to bring out the sweet cinnamon scents of fall!

Although I can appreciate all candles, my favorite by far is Yankee Candle. I could spend all day (and thousands of dollars) in a Yankee Candle store. Smelling jar lids, looking at new scents and jars, and on occasion helping other shoppers as if I work there. It is my goal in life that my house always smell just like a candle store, and nothing is a greater compliment than having someone walk in and tell me it smells great in my house.

If this is your goal too, or even a mild ambition, I am here to help! Let me recommend some of my FAVORITE fall scents for you, and trust me when I tell you I have done the research. Although you really can’t miss with Yankee Candle scents, my current top three favorites for fall are the fruity and spicy fragrance of Apple Cider, the sweetly tempting aroma of Spiced Pumpkin, and of course the must have cinnamon scent of Home Sweet Home.



Although I am a fan of Yankee, I have recently also been very impressed with Slatkin & Co brand. These candles are just as strong as Yankee, they do burn faster. However, they offer a scent called Leaves, which is nothing short of the Autumn season captured in a jar. Kitchen Spice is another great fragrance from Slatkin & Co, which I currently have burning in my own kitchen.

These are just a few of my favorites, as recommendations. However, for me any candle is a good candle.  As the weather changes, football parties begin, and the sweaters come out, get back into the fall frame of mind with the scents of the season.


Do you have a favorite brand or scent I need to know about??


  • Allison Maroun

    You need a Scentsy!

    • Dania

      I do have two Scentsy warmers, and I do love them! They are strong scents, which I LOVE, and great to leave on all day. I also love the mix-and-match where I can customize scents. However, just something about the light of a flame that I love!

  • Lindsey

    I LOVE your blog! I was inspired by your nursery and then today this candle post caught my attention!  I am a candle lover too!  I am actually so addicted to candles that I am a PartyLite consultant.  They are great candles, awesome scents.  My faves for fall are Spiced Cider, Leaves of Fun and Hocus Pocus!  You should check them out!  they burn clean, are made without fillers so they last a LONG time and are scented throughout so you get such a long lasting pure scent.  Thanks for getting me excited for fall scents and if you want to check out partylite, check out my site

    • Dawn Sailors

      Thanks Lindsey! And thank you for the recommendations. I’ll definitely check out your link. :)


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