Twin Tuesdays: Fall Foodie

Dania here!

As previously mentioned, fall is by far my favorite season. Not only is the temperature perfect for boots and turtlenecks and the scents of the season captivating, but also the seasonal foods can’t be beat. I am breaking out my baking pans, stew recipes, and of course the crock pot for a season of sensationally savory eats.

1. Drinks: Cocoa, apple cider, hot tea, and pumpkin spice lattes are keeping me warm on brisk mornings. (Afternoons and evenings too!)

2. Snacks: Pumpkin seeds, pumpkin bread, pumpkin anything. Oh and apples. Apple and caramel, apple spice muffins, apple cinnamon bread. Apples and pumpkin… yup.

3. Meals: Stews, casseroles, and all things feel-good-warm-you-to-the-core are on my menu this fall. My homemade hamburger vegetable stew is a crowd pleaser, and my meat loaf muffins with mashed potato ‘frosting’ were pretty amazingly comforting last night! Don’t forget the classic mac and cheese!

4. Desserts: Again apples and pumpkin are on the menu, but this time add cinnamon roll cake, caramel toppings, frosting, and sugar sugar sugar! I attempted these Caramel Stuffed Apple Cider Cookies last week and they turned out amazing. Try them!









It’s easy to see why fall is easy to love. What are some of your favorite recipes for cooler weather?



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