Twin Tuesday: Last Days of the Trampoline

Dania here. Yes, I have a trampoline, no I don’t have any children… don’t judge me. I am a child at heart, and why shouldn’t I have one all for myself? :) It keeps me young. Due to the obligations of adulthood, I don’t get to spend quite as much time on my trampoline as I would like, however thanks to my recent career change to teaching, that may change next summer. In the meantime, I enjoy spending some quality time getting exercise, or a tan now and then.

Although my husband rolls his eyes, he helps me set it up each spring as the weather warms up. He also kindly lugs it around the yard every time he mows, even though I do have to hear complaints about that quite a bit. As you drive down the road, you may occasionally see my head popping up over the backyard fence.

Regrettably, as the weather cools it is nearing time to take the trampoline down for the winter. I suppose I will have to enjoy the last few bounces before winter. In the meantime, here are a few fantastic snapshots of my mad skillz.



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