Unfinished Projects: Round Two

Recently I’ve been thinking a lot about living in an “unfinished home”. That is, a home that isn’t pristine, that always has half-finished projects or things that are not quite done here and there.

Most of our good friends know us well enough to expect to see some form of chaos around here, but that doesn’t always quell my embarrassment at all the things I see that we haven’t gotten to yet. I don’t have an answer. But I  do have a list (see my last list here) of more/still unfinished projects:

1. Baseboards – These suckers are the project that just won’t quit. We can never seem to find the time and motivation to finish them on the same day. It’s literally been years.


2. Trim Painting – Read the above note on baseboards. It applies here too. Although I have managed to get the trim in a few places painted, like the guest bathroom. Only the whole rest of the house to go. It’s really not that difficult. I just put it off for more fun things. Maybe I need a painting partner to come help make it fun. :( Any volunteers?


3. Insulation – At the beginning of this year, we resolved to properly insulate our attic. Still no progress. Although we did price everything out, we just haven’t gotten around to it. Hopefully we can pull the trigger on this one before winter this year.


4. Vera’s baseboards – This one is tricky, because I never want her room to smell like paint. I need to get it done though. It bugs me to see those wooden baseboards pop out in an otherwise finished room.


5. Kitchen lighting – Another tricky one, because we’ve established (after this fail) that we need the help of an electrician to finish this baby up. Until then, it looks… well a little better than this.  I’ve painted the stains on the ceiling and we have one working light (I can’t seem to find a photo of that though). I have high hopes that we may soon make some slight progress in sprucing it up though. :) So maybe you’ll get to see an actual current picture.


6. Basement paint (and wall holes) – Yep, still unfinished. Someday when the main floor stops demanding attention, we might actually get back to the lower level. Hopefully before then.


7. Guest bathroom paint – I’m adding this on on here because I fully intend to finish this very soon, since we’re still working on the bathroom remodel. Yes, I’ve been saying that for a month, but I do mean it. I need at least one that I can cross off in the near future so I don’t feel like a failure. While I’m at it, I should probably put the door back on soon so guests can actually use the bathroom…

Ok, I’m stopping at lucky number seven. I could probably keep going. I know there are even a few more things on my old list that aren’t wrapped up yet, but I see no need to salt the wound.

I’m kidding, kind of. Although things like this do bother me some days, for the most part, I love the accomplishment of DIY life, even if that means living in chaos half the time. And really, we’ve come a long way since my last list. Even though a few of those projects are still hanging around (yeah you, baseboards).

Have a great long weekend. Maybe I can get started on some of these. Or I’ll do what I usually do and start something more fun. :)



  • Crista

    Try NO VOC paint, we used it when I was preggers, no paint smell!?

    • Dawn

      I’ve heard of that. It would be a great idea, except it needs to match the rest of the room exactly. Plus I need to use up the rest of the paint in the basement before I’m cleared by the hub to buy more. Boo. haha


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