Weekend Baking

Happy Monday! Hopefully you had a great and relaxing weekend. Mine seemed too short, but it was good. Yesterday I helped my sister and our friend Akanksha bake several dozen cookies for an area food pantry.

I’m not sere exactly how many we ended up with. I know our goal was eight dozen but I think after about 4 hours (and maybe 5 dozen?) Akanksha took the rest of our dough home to finish up.

It was a fun day, but I burned through another weekend without getting any of my Xmas shopping done. Looks like it will be a last minute holiday for me this year. Maybe I can catch up this weekend?

How’s your holiday shopping coming along? Am I the only one who’s barely started??



  • Brook Pierce

    I’m actually shocked about how quickly I have been taking care of my Christmas shopping! I’m relieved to almost be done. I have even done a little baking myself. I think my husband and I are making leg lamp sugar cookies tonight for him to take to work. Wish us luck!

    • Dawn Sailors

      Oh my gosh that’s awesome! I want a leg lamp cookie! Also I’m a little jealous of your shopping status. I wish I was almost done instead of just thinking about starting, lol. Good luck with your cookies. Send me a pic of how they turn out! :)


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