Weekend Thrifting

Vera and I have been visiting family in my hometown for the past few days and having a nice relaxing time. Yesterday we had lunch and spent the afternoon with a very special adopted great-grandma and then went antiquing with my dad at a couple of great treasure-hunting antique stores in Beatrice, the closest ‘large’ town.

It was Vera’s first thrifting experience and she was fascinated by all the new things to look at. Here are a few of the interesting things we saw (you’ll have to excuse the photo quality of these iphone pictures):

Starting with a strange collection of bobble-head animals. I have no words but it made me laugh.

And here is an old Sears toy tractor that I thought was fun. What a cool vintage toy.

Land lines may be going extinct, but that didn’t stop me from fantasizing about one of these beauties hanging in my kitchen. Is it weird to have a non-functioning phone as decoration??

I had to take a picture of this, because it might be the strangest chair I’ve ever seen or will see again. Want to sit in my lap? Creepy!

I thought this old table sewing machine was pretty sweet, but maybe not quite what I need for my first efforts?

Then I saw something that really caught my attention. A whole stack of doilies!

I’ve been wanting to try this awesome DIY that I saw on Pinterest, so this was the perfect opportunity to start my little doilie collection. I only bought three because the rest were too big for what I need them for. Only 15 or so more and I can start crafting!

Vera also found something that caught her attention.

So all in all, we made out pretty well. No huge treasures, but a few small ones.

Anyone have any recent thrift or antique store finds? Share!



  • Jen

    I so love that table runner!!!! I think I need to be a copycat and make it too!
    PS- this is Jamie’s wife… I’m blog stalking you!

    • Dawn Sailors

      I know! Isn’t it amazing? And it looks so easy. Blog stalk anytime! :)


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