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So this week the hub introduced me to a new iPhone app that he thought I’d like and I’m now completely obsessed! It’s called Instagram and is a photo-editing app that lets you apply different filters to your photos for amazing and fun effects. I was initially pretty skeptical. I mean, why would I use my phone for editing photos when I have my Nikon, Photoshop and the skills to use both? But I can’t get enough. Seriously, I’m shooting everything with my phone and editing every picture in my camera roll. Ok, not every picture, but you get the idea.

My phone is always with me so I have so many day-to-day pictures on there that I love to turn into vintage & retro looking images. Those everyday moments where you just barely have time to capture a quick shot with your phone are the real life memories, and I love that this app lets me take those pictures and make them into beautiful photos that I want to keep! Here are just a few of my favorites from the past week:

From left to right, that’s V first thing in the morning (she’s always smiley when we wake her up!), a flower and note left on my front porch from the neighbor boys (it says “This is for you!”), Brett and Vera snuggling, and V discovering herself in the mirror during bath time.

One other cool thing about this particular app that I should mention is the ability to apply tilt-shift to your images, which I love. So awesome, and gives some really cool effects. Available filters include Lomo-fi, Toaster, 1977, Poprocket and others. Um, did I mention that this app is free? No thinking required. Just download and try it out! There is social network integration I haven’t really explored yet and you can set up a profile to easily share your photos. You can also geo-locate your photos if you want that option.

I still have some playing to do to find out all the features but so far I’m liking it a lot. I love how I can take snapshots of Vera and make them look like they are 30 years old in a matter of minutes. It reminds me of old family photo albums and I’m a sucker for nostalgia.

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  • Amanda

    I loooove instagram! :) Cool pictures :)


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