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Google +
I have been on Google’s new social media site for a little over a week now and I honestly can’t decide what I think. There are some cool features like being able to add people to circles and control who can see what, but I don’t have a lot of friends who are using it yet, so it’s hard to really get a good feel for how it will be an improvement over Facebook. We’ll see, I suppose.


David Gray:

The hub and I scored some last-minute David Gray tickets and got to go to his concert at the beautiful  Orpheum Theater on the 11th. It was amazing! The Orpheum is such a great concert space. Small enough to feel like David was performing just for us, plus the architecture is just beautiful.



Blog Updates & Writing Fonts:

Maybe you’ve noticed some tweaks to the blog lately? One of them is the addition of my own handwriting font! How cool! I made it on and it was super easy and pretty reasonably priced. I love being able to personalize my things with my handwriting. Fun!

Some other updates will be going on throughout the next week or so. For example I’ve added a couple new call outs to my sidebar. (And I’m working on one more right now.) I’m still looking for submissions for my new Twin Tuesday features, so send them in! Also, I’ve decided to now offer my Room Plan services for free! Isn’t free way more fun? Yes, it is! So if you have a room that you would like some inspiration for, send me a photo! I’m also working on updating my About Page in case you’d like to read more about my new guest blogger- my sister Dania, who will be here twice a month with her thoughts on, well.. whatever it is she’s thinking about.


Vintage Finds:

If you follow me on twitter, you may have seen my tweet a few weeks ago about my awesome new vintage dresses. I found them at the Community Playhouse thrift sale and I love them! I keep imaging what characters might have worn them and how many plays they’ve been a part of. I have plans to dye the cream one, and I think I’m going to have to wait until I’m done nursing to fit into the other one, but I’m excited to wear them both!


Instagram photos:

My brother went to the midnight premier of Harry Potter this past week, fully decked out as a Weasley twin of course. So the next day when he was with Vera, naturally this is what happened. She’s a little Potter Head already! :)



  • Michelle

    I liked Google + a lot more once I started not looking at it as a replacement for Facebook.  I see it more as a Twitter/Facebook/Skype hybrid.  I started following a bunch of the Google people and other people who are fairly active on it and it’s starting to get highly entertaining.  Give it a little time and find some new people to follow.

    • Dawn Sailors

      Thanks for the tip! I’ll have to spend a little more time looking around and find some interesting people to follow too. :)

      Dawn Sailors


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