Weekly Randoms

Some randoms from the past week or so…

Versatile Blogger Award:

Last week I was very honored to be given the Versatile Blogger Award by Kortney of Kortney’s Krazy Life. Check her our if you get a minute. I’ve been meaning to post on this all week but its been a busy one. I was playing single mom while Brett was in Arkansas for a few days and then my mother was in the hospital with breathing problems caused by mono AND pneumonia, so I’ve been running around a little krazy myself… Sorry Kortney, I didn’t want you to think I’d forgotten!!

So here are the VBA rules:
1. Thank the person who gave you the award and link back to them in your post.
2. Tell your readers seven (7) things about you.
3. Pass this award on to recently discovered bloggers.
4. Contact those bloggers and let them in on the exciting news.

And in compliance with rule number 2:
1. I collect computer desktop backgrounds and change mine weekly.
2. I used to have a severe Facebook addiction, but I think it’s under control now thanks to my parents creating profiles.
3. I am a clean freak, but unfortunately I married a very messy man. It’s a daily struggle for sanity.
4. I make lists for everything. Everything.
5. I love books and could never own an e-reader. Something about the smell of them.. I would miss it too much.
6. I’m notorious for leaving projects unfinished. I get easily distracted after the initial fun wears off.
7. I almost changed my major from design to painting when I was a college sophomore. I still love to draw and paint, but I’m thankful I stuck with design. Just a few months later and I was completely hooked.

My newly discovered bloggers:
1. Amanda of Life Lessons from a Butterfly
2. Diana of Dear Carter
3. Ava of Lipstick and Rattles
4. Nancy of Sounds Like Crazy
5. Michelle of So Wonderful So Marvelous
6. Miranda of Narrating Life
7. Ashley of Design Build Love

Thanks again Kortney! It’s always fun to find new blogs to read, and what a great way to discover them.

Storage Solutions:

No not the fun around the house kind of storage, but the fun computer kind. I just purchased a new Seagate portable hard drive to backup my personal and professional files and I’m pretty excited about it. I haven’t deleted any o the 1400+ photos on my camera due to the irrational fear that as soon as I clear space, my computer will crash and all my memories will be lost in a virtual black hole. Clearly I needed this for my own sanity. I was planning on going with a cute little silver number from Western Digital, but the great sale price of this one won me over. The 1TB storage space and time machine compatibility were my two biggest must-haves so it fits the bill just as well as WD even if it is slightly bigger and not as shiny. I’ll let you know how it goes.

Pinterest Purchase:

I am a huge fan of Pinterest for finding cool new ideas and inspiration, but also for shopping! I made my first official Pinterest purchase last week when I ordered this beautiful leaf lariat from Morgan Prather on etsy. If you follow me, you probably saw this come through my “My Style” board. I usually don’t buy a lot of jewelry but I’ve been trying to accessorize a little more lately and this necklace is so beautiful I couldn’t pass it up. Love it!

New Lace Blouse:

This is a big deal for me because I have a hard time buying clothing full price (I’m working on my cheapness), but when I saw this blouse at Francesca’s, I couldn’t pass it up. It is so beautiful and I can picture it dressed up or down, maybe belted in the middle with skinny jeans? Love, and can’t wait to wear it, but I’m saving it for vacation next week!!

For fun:

My favorite Instigram photo just for fun! Baby girl is learning to grip and hold on to things. Love it.

So there are some randoms from my week. Hope everyone has had a fabulous weekend! Better get to bed so I’m ready for another Monday.


  • Amanda

    LOL! We have a lot in common :D I too am a huge clean freak, I love lists like they are going out of style, my mister is also kinda messy, I also have a healthy love of books and can’t wrap my mind around reading books on anything other than paper. LOL Also, thanks for linking me :) :)

    • Dawn

      Haha, I guess we do! And you’re welcome! ;)


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