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While reading The Lettered Cottage (one of my favorite blogs) a couple weeks ago, I enjoyed what Layla posted about her word of the year. So today I’m linking up to her party with my own word for 2012:


(…baby). Ok, Kanye jokes aside, (now I have that song in my head…) I picked this word because it really describes how I’m feeling about life in general right now and about the plans and goals I have for the future.

I started this blog at a time when I felt that my life was out of my control. I wanted something of my own and a place I could create things and share them. Since then it has grown from a hobby to a passion. And from a private blog that I was too nervous to publish, to a site that gets a few thousand page-views a month. And while that still leaves a ton of room for growth, it’s so encouraging to me and gives me the drive I need to keep at it.

In a world where life is always out of control (I’m a mom now guys) I’ve learned that you have to make time for the things you love. Make time for yourself. And for me that’s this blog. It’s the place where I document life, but it also has helped me grow and take risks and put myself out there, which is a long way from the girl I was two years ago.

So ambition. With all that in mind, I have even bigger goals for myself and this blog in 2012. Including hopefully (finally) opening my own Etsy shop. And I’m hoping I can keep the drive and ambition to get them off the ground. (He got that ambition, baby, look in his eyes….. Can’t stop….)

Do you have a word that inspires your year ahead? If you do, link up to TLC’s party with me! Or if you don’t have a blog post to link to, feel free to leave your word in the comments below.

Here’s to an ambitious new year!

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