A lot like Christmas

It snowed about 6 inches here on Saturday. Just non-stop snow all day, and wow does it feel like Christmas! Brett was working this weekend, so it was just me and V. We spent the entire day in our pajamas, lit all the candles in the house, and decorated the tree in front of our bay windows with the smell of cinnamon in the air while we watched the snow fall. It was fantastic.

I remember that it snowed the day Vera was born, and that was the last time until now. She kept hitting her little hand against the window and laughing at the reflection of the lights and the big flakes falling. Maybe this week we’ll take her outside to really experience what snow is. I’m trying really hard to resist the urge to put her into the snow-suit she’s supposed to be getting for Christmas.

But since Christmas is on my mind, I thought I’d share a few photos of the holiday decorations we’ve been decking around here. We have yet to put up our outdoor lights (this will hopefully be our first year of actually putting up house lights!), but the aforementioned snowfall might put that off until we can actually get a ladder out there (with only two weeks left, maybe we’ll be the scrooges again after all). But at least the inside of the house is looking festive!

The Christmas tree is looking mighty empty underneath. I need to get a move-on on my shopping and wrapping. I should probably invest in a tree-skirt too so it doesn’t look quite so bare. Maybe that will be an after-Christmas sale item this year. We also have this little guy in the livingroom. He was our first Christmas tree when we lived in our little apartment.

We bought these stocking monograms last year. We were expecting and knew Vera’s name already but we kept it secret till she was born. We picked her stocking monogram out with ours and hid it in our Christmas tree that year. We thought maybe someone would see our clue, but no one noticed, so it was our little secret. :)

Speaking of last year’s Christmas, this is a little off the topic, but here is our Christmas card last year. It still makes me smile:

And a few more random decor photos:

We don’t have a stocking for Vera yet. I wanted us to all go pick one out together, and we just haven’t had the opportunity yet. It gets crazy around here once basketball season starts, so hopefully we can find a day when Brett’s schedule permits a shopping trip! Growing up, my family always had a Christmas tradition where each of us kids got to pick out a new tree ornament every year, and I want to continue that with our family too- even though it will turn my perfectly planned tree into a mismatched collection of random ornaments. Bring it on. So we’ll be looking for both a stocking and a first-Christmas ornament too.

Do you have traditions like that in your family? Or are you more of the showroom pretty-tree decor type? I’m thinking maybe I’ll put up two trees next year (well, three if you count the dink tree in the livingroom) and have one be our ‘pretty’ tree only. We’ll see.

Hope your week is off to a good start!

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