Designing Dawn

One day I was painting a piece of furniture in my garage when my neighbor boy came over and after watching me for a while, he asked what I was doing. I told him I was painting my dresser blue. He asked why. I told him that I thought it would look better blue, and that sometimes when you don’t like the way something is, you can just change it. (Then I told him not to paint anything without asking his mom first. Good mentoring right there.)

And that’s what my blog is about. Making everything beautiful (and seeing the beauty in things), and designing my life to be what I want it to be. Because if I don’t who will?

My name is Dawn, and I’m so glad you’re here! By day I work as the VP of Creative for a design and marketing company (I get paid to make things look good), but by night I renovate our home and refinish thrift-store furniture for fun. I’m also working with my husband on raising two tiny humans named Vera and June. Designing Dawn is a lifestyle blog I started in May of 2010 as an outlet for my overflowing and ever-shifting creativity and as a scrapbook of sorts (probably the closest I’ll ever come to a real one) for our home and family.

I think design is all encompassing, and I see it in every aspect of my life. This blog is dedicated to our home remodels, my love of art & design, my style, my family and our everyday life.

I post when I have the time and inspiration, and I write about anything that fascinates me, inspires me or captures my attention. You can expect to find posts on our DIY endeavors as we work to renovate every room in our first home, updates on our baby girl, some of my fashion choices, random ramblings from the graphic design geek in me, and whatever else I’m in the mood for, which may or may not include an occasional update from my ferocious feline, Lucious.

Thanks for stopping by.

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Some Important People:

Brett & Vera

Dear Vera Dear June

This is my husband, Brett (aka the hub) and our daughter, Vera (aka the Beast). Aren’t they beautiful? So much love. Brett is a high school teacher and coach in addition to being an amazingly supportive husband and my best friend. I love him for encouraging me and for putting up with all my crazy ideas and projects, even when he has no idea how they’ll turn out. He literally entertains whatever I can dream up and goes along with most of it too. Plus he’s a real looker, am I right? Yeah, I’m a lucky lady.

This is my twin sister, Dania (on the left). She’s a high school administrator (yeah, summers are rough for me around here), who’s also raising her son, Barrett, along with her hubby, Chad. Dania might be described as a more…we’ll say ‘outspoken’ version of myself. When we were small, she did the talking for the both of us. Occasionally I convince her to write guest posts for Twin Tuesday here on the blog.


Posts from Lu

This is Lucius Kingsly. He’s ferocious. I’ve had Lu since 2007 when he was a tiny sickly baby cat, and he’s my fur-child. He stops by with a post from his unique perspective from time to time as well.