Around the House: Bedroom Finds

I generally pride myself on my brand-name blindness. That is to say, I never buy things just because of the brand (possibly with the exception of my beloved Moleskines), and instead I try to look for inexpensive options and things that I love– whether that is at Goodwill or Anthropologie. I have to say though, despite my general open-mindedness, I was kind of surprised to find my most recent house purchases at Walmart of all places.

Usually I try to avoid the giant chain due to the fact that it is an overcrowded time-warp that always manages to leave me feeling annoyed and anxious, but we had to take care of some business in the auto department so I had some time to browse around. I must say, I was pleasantly surprised by some of their home-interior selection. I’ve been looking for some inexpensive throw pillows for our master bedroom for a while now and I snagged these two beauties for $13 a piece!

I love how they perfectly compliment the Donna Karan duvet that I swooned over for months before spending a good chunk of wedding money to purchase. (Side note here, how lucky am I to be married to a man who doesn’t bat an eye when I want to decorate our room in shades of purple!?)

Vera isn’t so sure about the pillows yet, but I think they’ll grow on her. (Brett says she looks like an opera singer here.)

So Walmart scored big in the pillow department (I also snagged a few textured white lovelies for the basement couch!), and that was about as much as I could hope for, until I spotted this:

I realize it’s upside down here, so I’ll help you read. That’s a perfectly colored gray and purple 4.5 x 7ft rug on clearance for $20.00! Holy smokes!! I hadn’t necessarily been looking for a rug for our bedroom, since its carpeted, but the carpet in our room is in such bad shape (a theme in this house that will hopefully be remedied one day soon) and this was such a steal that I couldn’t pass it up.

So here’s the bedroom before and after:

I was shocked at how much bigger the room looks with the rug down. The contrast between the floral and stripes is great and the fact that you can fit an area rug and still have room to walk around the outside makes it feel so spacious. Plus it hides some of the stains and I’m loving how it brings the darkness of the wall down and gives the white duvet a base to pop off of.

I think my Walmart bias may be fading. I’m loving my new bedroom additions and the thrifty girl in me really loves the price tag!

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