Around the House: Fake Out

Our living room is one of the most challenging rooms in this house for me. When we first moved in, it looked like this:


Then for a long time it looked like this:


And then I came to my senses about the tv placement/furniture arrangement and it looked like this:


The past few weeks, I’ve made a few more tweaks.

Probably the biggest challenge in here is natural light, or the lack thereof. With only two smallish windows in one corner and no options to add any more (because this room is behind the garage), it is hard to not feel a little dreary in here most hours of the day. So this past week, we did a few things to brighten the space up a bit. AKA, the fake out.

living room_fakeout-3

That is to say, we mounted the TV on the wall finally, and I flanked it with two matching fake window-mirrors from Hobby Lobby. I’m kind of amazed at how much the small change on this wall has brightened the space. They are clearly mirrors, but they really fake you out and bounce a lot of light around. I’m debating things like hanging curtains around them to further the fake out, but I don’t want to go overboard so we’ll live with it for a while and see how it goes.

living room_fakeout-2

living room_fakeout-1

As for the photos that used to be on the TV wall, they are now in a little gallery-style grouping above the couch. Instead, I added a photo-line (you know like a clothes-line of photos) display above the TV. I made is super simple, by stringing some thread between two hooks found at Hobby Lobby. I love that we can switch it out easily for whatever we want, whenever the mood strikes.

I’m contemplating another big change, painting out the fireplace and possibly the bookshelf in white. I love how the chocolate color ties into the nearby kitchen, but I hate how dark it is in here, so it’s a mental battle. I’m leaning though. We’ll see. I’m also making plans to ditch the curtains entirely in favor of some roman shades, which I think will let more light in and work better because of how the fireplace encroaches on the corner window so much.

living room_fakeout-4

Finally, we’re talking about committing to a new furniture purchase in the form of a large sectional for the room. You know, the fluffy kind with cup-holders that reclines. Ok… maybe not. Even though that’s what I keep finding when I look for sectionals. :( But I do think a nice low-profile clean lined sectional would add a lot of seating and pairing down these two overstuffed pieces to one sleek one would really add some visual space to the room. We’re looking around for a good deal on the perfect piece, so I’ll keep you posted.

Happy Friday!



  • Beth @ Sawdust and Embryos

    Firstly, I’m obsessed with your asymmetrical placement of frames behind your couch… LOVE. Secondly, as soon as I saw your fireplace/built-ins (and before you even mentioned it) I subconsciously begged you in my mind to paint them white. And finally, about the curtains… what if you used long/flowey panel curtains that were hung closer to the ceiling. AND… you’d only need 3 panels because of the placement of the windows! Bonus! :)

    P.S… I got the idea from you to write a letter to each of my twins each month (starting when they turned one). I just posted their 18 month pic/letter today. It’s so fun to go back and read about their developments and personality traits, and how different they are. Thanks for the inspiration!

    • Dawn Sailors

      Hi Beth! Thanks so much. I do like the frames better now too. I am seriously leaning towards painting the fireplace. It’s bound to happen, as soon as I find the time/energy to tackle it. :)

      As for the curtains, I don’t have a good picture of it, but the fireplace mantle actually buts right up against the window trim with NO room in-between. Which is why it’s such a challenge. If I hang curtains (like right now) they bend in weirdly right at the mantle height and have to be over the window instead of beside it. Which causes it to be darker in the room. Which is why I’m thinking roman shades might be a better solution. No definite plans yet though. I’m still in imaginary decorating mode. Haha.

      PS- I’m glad you are writing to the girls! It is so fun to watch them grow on your blog. And I agree it is fun to go back and read through older letters!

      Thanks for the advice/input!
      Isn’t it


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