Around the House: Fall Porch Decor

Since moving into our home a year ago, we haven’t been much for decorating for the seasons. Don’t get me wrong. It’s difficult to flip through the seasonal magazines and watch all the fall decorating TV commercials and not be tempted to blow my paycheck. I’d love to be able to redecorate 4 times a year, flowery arrangements for spring, red and orange candles for fall, new breezy curtains for summer time. Honestly though, with the exception of Christmas time with its trees, stockings and garlands, I’m usually happy to just have a room decorated period, let alone REdecorated.

Hopefully one day, once we get all the major work done around here, I’ll be able to spend some time and energy (not to mention funds) on seasonal decorations, but for now I’ll have to make due with the meager ones I do get around to. This year for the fall season, the inside of the S house is basically untouched except for a few new warm-and-spicy-scented candles to replace the clean and flowery scents of the warmer months. I did manage to get a few front porch decorations put up for the season though.

Unfortunately my bright yellow mums have mostly lost their color, due to a combination of a few frosty nights and my black thumb, but they still look better than the bare pots that were there last month. We’re hosting Thanksgiving for my side of the family here this year, so I think a little seasonal “Welcome to our Home” decor is appropriate.

This cute sign was a birthday gift from my mom, while the one on the door was last year’s birthday gift from my sister. Both are a little more “crafty” in style than I would usually pick out for myself, but sometimes for fall crafty fits right in.

Ok so David (a very thoughtful gift from my mother in law given my soft spot for lawn gnomes) isn’t really part of my fall decorations since he permanently resides on the corner of the porch, but I couldn’t have a porch post without including him. :)

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