Around the House: Framing it Up

We got our delivery of family photos a few weeks ago, and I’ve been working on getting them all framed before the cat or the kid destroys them.

My favorite one is a huge (20″ x 30″) print for above the vintage table radio in the reading room.

But before that could happen, I had to make some room for it. Which meant finding a new home for the large round mirror that used to hang there.

It made the migration to our guest bedroom, and while it might be a temporary home, I have to say so far I’m loving it there.

I also had to find a frame and mat for our photo, and try to do it in a reasonable budget. If you’ve ever shopped for a frame that large (24″ x 36″) you probably know that they can get very expensive. I was lucky to find this one for our wedding photo at hobby lobby for nearly 80% off thanks to a few slight dings. I knew I would paint it anyhow, so the nicks in the finish were fine with me!

I doubted I’d be quite so lucky twice though. So I was very pleasantly surprised to find this beautiful frame at Garden Ridge for only $28 on sale. And even better, it came with its own glass and backer board (it’s actually sold as a ‘poster frame’ as opposed to an open back frame) which saved me the added expense of having some cut. All I had to do was get a white mat cut at hobby lobby to the tune of about $15 and frame it all up!

I debated painting this frame white also (I may still), but for now I’m kinda digging the dark tones that play off the colors and feel of the photo.

So there it is! Our family picture finally up. I LOVE it. Love love. This was on my “before we host the holidays” list, so I’m happy to have it done. Now I just have to find frames and places for the other 15 or so smaller photos we ended up ordering. We just couldn’t decide!!



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