Around the House: New Couch for the Basement

One of the main rooms we’ve been focused on lately is our basement. It looked pretty rough when we moved in, story of this house I guess. Thankfully there was no wallpaper, but the dirty cream walls were pretty beat up and had lots of scribbles and stains , and the carpet, besides being an interesting shade of blue, was stained and patched in places.

Over the past few weeks, we’ve decided that after a year in this home, it was time to increase our living space a little and get to work down there. Not that we are lacking in space by any means, but we’ve been wanting a more casual place to relax and watch television than our main living room. While some of the paint and decorating is still a work in progress (more basement progress posts to come, along with a final reveal!), and the carpet, while now cleaned, will sadly probably be blue for a while, we did manage to clean everything up, and today we bought the most gorgeous couch! It is the perfect size for our space, the perfect color for our taste, and the perfect style for our house and room.

I’ve had my eye on this particular sectional for a while (about the past year actually) but with so many other expenses, it has had to wait until now. But with our first big Holiday-hosting test coming up (Thanksgiving dinner at my house this year!) we decided that today was the day to finally get some extra seating around here. I give myself bonus points for waiting so patiently, as the selling price had decreased significantly since I first spotted this beauty several months ago.

While the purchasing and delivery process couldn’t have been smoother (thanks to a good friend with a very large truck), all the planning for this purchase did not prepare me for how difficult it would be to actually get it into the basement…

But where there’s a will there’s a way and with a little dis-assembly and careful maneuvering, we finally managed to get it in and set up!  I think it looks so great! I’m really loving the clean lines and tufted fabric – a contemporary style with an old school 1950s flavor. And naturally Lucious has already claimed his new spot.

Now to patching holes and finishing paint. :|


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