Around the House: New Windows take two!

It’s been a long time coming, but we finally have two new windows!! (Not to be confused with Dania’s window post from Tuesday. Sheesh. She’s stealing my window thunder!) What was supposed to be a two day job turned into three weeks of beastlet sleeping in the guest room in a pack-and-play, but I am so happy with the finished product. Let’s skip to the good part and look at the before and after shots:

Don’t they look one-million times better?? I’ve been dreaming of those sparkly window grates and a sealed and draft-less room for two and a half years. If you’ve been reading for a while, you may remember that we had snow in Vera’s room the first winter we lived here (which was before we had Vera, so technically not her room yet). After that, Brett and his dad put in a new window, but encountered a lot of problems with wood-rot and we had to lose the window seat I loved so much. Also, the outside view was less than finished looking:

After a year of living with a much-better-but-still-not-perfect window, we decided to have it fixed once and for all, by professionals. Such a relief to finally have them done. Now to the not quite as pretty shots:


Yeah the inside still looks a little rough. Also rough- getting a baby to sleep when it’s still light out (thanks to the recent time change) with no curtains or blinds in her window.

We’re hoping to get the room re-painted this weekend, and pick up some new blinds while we’re at it. Stay tuned for the finished product!! Then I can turn my attention to doing something about that peeling exterior paint. :D

Exterior updates are in our future folks! We still plan to get rid of the exposed boards below the window by building out the box, and we are looking into new paint or siding (I’m rooting for siding!). Hopefully that won’t be the too distant future, but we’re trying to work out the details. Ok, well, it’s my bedtime and I need to be well rested so I can enjoy Friday tomorrow! Night!




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