Around the House: Nursery Progress

It’s kind of strange to me to be designing a second nursery, let alone another girl’s space. Not because I don’t enjoy it (I thoroughly do!) or because I didn’t plan on having more children (we always did want at least two), but because I put so much love and effort into Vera’s room, that it seems strange that I could be putting that much effort and love into a completely new design scheme in the same tiny room, and yet still love that original design so much.

I guess it’s like having another kid in a way. You wonder how you could love another tiny person as much as you do your first child, but you just do. It doesn’t change the way you feel about that first one, there’s just more.

So over the past few weeks, I’ve been working hard on transforming what was once Vera’s nursery into a completely new nursery space. Since we’re using the same furniture, which will likely be in the same arrangement, it should be quite interesting to see how different everything looks in the end just by changing the decor. Again, an analogy can be drawn to the way I’m waiting to see how this new little girl will look similar and different from my first-born. 15 weeks to go!

Nursery progress so far… but please excuse the fact that these are all crappy iPhone photos. :)

I’ve finished painting the (once turquoise) dresser a bright bold citron, and it is so cheery! It looks a little more neon in this photo than in real life. I promise to take nice camera pics when the whole room is done! We also got our plum-colored woven rug, and I just want to make snow-angels on it all day, I love it so much. Perfection. Plus, we have the amazing rocker from my mom in the space now, and it might be my favorite thing ever. Vintage beauty and comfort.

nursery dresser

I finally got around to painting the baseboards in this room (after the photo above was taken, fyi)… and in Vera’s room too. Nothing like a little nesting instinct to get you to complete mundane tasks you’ve been putting off for 3+ years, amiright? It’s kind of astonishing how much better I feel about both spaces now that that’s done. It makes me want to get the trim painting done throughout the house. Maybe in another 3 years.

nursery baseboards vera baseboards

And while I was painting trim, I made the game-time decision that the walls needed a little more drama. Bold, inky-blue drama.

nursery paint

Mostly this decision was spurred by the fact that these lovely curtains I ordered just didn’t have the same pop off the charcoal gray that Vera’s brightly colored ones did. I really really really love the black and white curtains, but they just weren’t creating the look I wanted. They blended right into the gray walls and I couldn’t have that. Then I noticed that the rug has some pretty deep blue colors woven throughout it, and an idea was born. So much better with the blue! (It’s the same blue in Vera’s room, btw. Shaded Lake by Valspar)

nursery curtains

So that’s where the nursery is currently at. I still have a few projects to finish in here, but one more coat of paint on two more walls, and I can officially start adding accessories and decor. AKA, the best part. :)

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  • Lisa

    I love the rag rug. Did you make it?

    • Dawn Sailors

      Thank you! I did not make it. I wish I were that talented! haha… It is from The Land of Nod and is one of my favorite things! It’s so beautiful and soft in person.


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