Around the House: Nursery Window

Finishing this project was a HUGE load off my mind, not to mention our heating bills. When we first bought this house just over a year ago, we naturally had a home inspection. Unfortunately for us, because of the previous owners’ financial situation, all the utilities had been shut off. Meaning that most of what would normally have been inspected couldn’t be. We were so in love with the house, though, that we crossed our fingers and signed those papers hoping for the best.

As it turned out, we’ve found several little problems since then, and a few bigger problems, but thankfully nothing that would have been an all out deal-breaker. That being said, the nursery window was one of the biggest problems we encountered, namely the half inch gap between the window and the wall, wide enough for me to stick a finger straight outside the house while standing in the second floor bedroom.

The really bad news for my peace of mind came when we got our first snow less than two weeks after moving in. It was still October for Pete’s sake! But that pretty much put any plans of fixing the window on hold until spring. A few weeks later I opened the door to find that the snow had been drifting in and piling up on the windowsill. :| A battle we fought all winter. The worst winter I can ever remember having, by the way…

But finally the day came when it warmed up and we bought a new window and the hub’s very handy father had a free weekend to help get the window fixing process underway! Woohoo!

Sadly because of the years of water damage, most of the wall around the window had rotted out, meaning there was nothing left to support the beautiful window seat that I loved so much. :( But that being said, I could not have been happier with the result (finished nursery post will be here eventually), and just in time for our big news.

New blinds (already installed in this pic) and a little paint (obviously not finished yet in this pic), and the window is complete! It looks great and best of all, no snow (or wind or rain or cold) will be getting in that room any time soon. Which is good, cause I think snow on a baby would be a bad way to start off the whole parenting thing.


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