Around the House: Softening things up

Ever since putting down carpet tiles in our front reading room/office (back before Thanksgiving- so a while ago), I’ve been on the lookout for the perfect rug to soften up the thin carpet and the dark charcoal color. Don’t get me wrong, I love the carpet color and it has been treating us well, but I wanted more of a casual layered look in here, and something to differentiate the spaces a little, since we use this as an office and it’s also open to the dining room.

A few months ago, I found the perfect rug from West Elm. Well, almost.

west elm souk rug

It was the perfect size and color and pattern and style, but not quite (at all) the perfect price tag for our non-existent decorating budget. You know how we roll around here, and spending $500 on a rug, no matter how pretty was just not going to happen. Even if I could convince myself that it was necessary, I would never convince the hub of it. So I sighed, and pouted and hoped it would go on sale. It didn’t.

And then one day, a miracle happened. I saw this photo of an amazing (amazing!!) room designed for Bri Emery by Emily Henderson.

Bri Emery by Emily Henderson

And that gorgeous rug looked pretty close to my dream rug. Her blog said that it came from, so I hoped on over to check it out. Low and behold, they had one that was the same size and color, similar texture and style, and only a slight difference in pattern from my beloved West Elm Beauty. (The one pictured above, while close, isn’t the same one I bought, FYI. It had no tassels, and I must have tassels.) And they were having a huge sale!! With the sale discount, I scored this big guy for just $150! That’s a savings of $350 my friends. I told you it was a miracle.

I patiently waited while they took forever to ship it (it might have seemed longer cause I was so excited), and when it finally arrived I was giddy with excitement. I was not disappointed. Have a look for yourself:


Look at that shag! Those adorable tassels! Could it be any better? I think not. Ok, well the hub thinks it could be softer (he means more padded), but I reminded him that $350 was probably the difference between and awesome rug and a super-soft and awesome rug. And then he agreed that it was perfect. Everyone agrees that it is perfect.




You can see above how well it fits in the space too. Big enough to make a statement for sure, but we still have room to roll the desk chair around comfortably, without getting all caught up on the rug.

Even Lucious has been snuggling up on it, and Vera now puts her ‘purple baby’ down here to nap. (We’re not very creative on doll names here, but that’s off topic.) I myself have been petting it repeatedly and staring non-stop. And clearly taking way too many photos. It’s love I tell you. Or stalking. Either way.


You like? Did I mention I’m in love?


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