Baby Shower Hosting

A couple weeks ago, my bestie, Sarah, and I hosted a baby shower for Dania at my house. It was a fun day, and I thought I’d share some photos from the party!Dania_BabyShower





Sarah made those adorable cake stands using items from the dollar store. They cost about $7 for all three and turned out so cute! All you need for these DIY cake stands is some dollar store plates, dollar store candle holders, some E6000® Craft Adhesive to glue them together, and spray paint in the color of your choice. So simple, but they worked perfectly. Oh and Vera helped add those tiny plastic babies to the cupcakes, because that’s how we roll.

We’re not much for baby shower games around here, so for entertainment, we stuck with the more practical, yet still fun, task of onesie decorating. We just bought a few packs of plain onesies like these, and some fabric markers in various colors. Then we let everyone go to town on their own design for Dania’s lucky little guy. Not only is it a fun game that doesn’t involve diapers & candy bars (shudder), but it gives her a lot of extra outfits for everyday wear, or just to throw in the diaper bag for a quick change as needed.

Dania_BabyShower-8It was a lot of fun to see what everyone came up with, and since it was basically just coloring with markers, even the kids could get involved and they created some ‘abstract’ looks for the baby. Mind is the one with the tie. You know… in case he needs a fancy outfit. :) Vera’s is right next to mine. She obviously thought her cousin would like the color purple. She also had a great time helping open presents.


Check out this hand-knitted blanket Dania’s aunt-in-law (is that a thing?) made for the baby. Isn’t it the cutest?


Overall, it was a fun day and we had a great time.

Oh and speaking of fun days, I hope you all had a lovely mother’s day weekend! Here’s one of my favorite party pics of me, my baby, my momma, and the new mom-to-be.


Happy Tuesday friends!

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