Christmas wrap-up

Ok, I know this is so terribly late, but better late than never, right?? We hosted my family’s Christmas celebration here this year, and I must say it went much smoother than the last time we played host. That is to say, our turkey was thawed and in the oven on time this go-round. Although I was still vacuuming when people started showing up. Well, it’s family so they know me at least.

It was so much fun to get to wake up in our own house and see what Santa brought for Vera’s very first Christmas. She loved it and would light up, grinning and flapping her arms in excitement as soon as we showed her something new.

For the record, our house still hasn’t fully recovered from the chaos you see above…

V got some awesome toys that I love almost as much as she does, though. (I’ve already mentioned some of them here.) One of her favorites is a colorful wooden xylophone. She carries around the wooden stick and tries to drum it on everything in sight. This one is trumped only by the red rubber kitchen baster that she won’t put down (that thing she’s chewing on in the first photo above). She was also spoiled with tons of adorable clothes, a few new stuffed animals, and a little toy piano (that may lose its batteries one of these days, lol).

As for my wrap up, I was also very spoiled this year. I already ruined the surprise of our new iPad (and some of Vera’s presents), although we were very good about not opening it early, so I’ve been making up for the weeks of anticipation by Pinning away on that thing in the past three days! Btw, if you’re not following me on Pinterest yet, do it! (And if you aren’t on Pinterest yet, debate whether you have time for a new addiction before joining. You’ve been warned.)

I also got a few other items on my wish list, including a pair of Toms (oh and V got the most adorable Tiny Toms from Dania! I die!), this awesome clock, and the book Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children, which I finished in two days because I couldn’t put it down. Seriously best read in a long time and I’m sure there will be a movie soon. (Alas, I have no photo of it because it is now on loan to my sister.)

I also got this awesome thrift-store chair from the hub which I had been drooling over and can’t wait to refinish!! If I could only narrow down the options floating around my brain.

We got that DVD player we’d been needing, and I received the beautiful gift of my grandmother’s wedding band as well as a hand-crafted display from my glory days.

So there you have it. A fantastic Christmas this year. We are very blessed and couldn’t ask for more. I will always remember Vera’s first Christmas as a perfect holiday (even though there was no snow in sight). I hope yours was amazing.


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