Dear June: 6 Months Old

June 6 MonthsDear Juniper,

You’ve been a part of our little family for half a year now (plus an extra week, actually, because I’m behind on posting), and it’s like you were never missing. You are still the most content, sweetest little girl. You still sleep most of the  night– usually with an early morning feeding thrown in. You still have two little teeth in the bottom front, which you like to show off with smiles for us. You are very ticklish and laugh a lot. You learned how to roll over this month, and you’re starting to try to reach and grab at things you want, so I know it won’t be long before you’re scooting or crawling to get them.

You’re eating baby food once a day now, and don’t sleep nearly as well if we skip your night time meal. We haven’t found a food yet that you don’t love, and your sister loves to help you eat. She thinks feeding you with a spoon is about the greatest thing ever, and likes to try a bite of whatever you’re eating before you do, to see if you’ll like it or not.

You have grown especially fond of Lucious too. If he’s close enough, you’ll grab for him, pet him, pull his fur, or bury your face in him. Luckily he tolerates it surprisingly well. I think he’s a little starved for attention with two kids in the house, and he takes it where he gets it.

You’re growing fast, and at your 6 month checkup you were tall and skinny. In the 40th percentile for weight and head circumference, but in the 70s for height. So I guess you’re taking after your dad there. Your eyes are still dark gray, but turning more brown now. Your hair is filling in and still looking dark also. It’s usually matted down from Vera’s kisses.

You can sit up for short periods of time unassisted, and sit quite well if you’re supported, like in your highchair or bumbo seat. You love your bouncer too, and will play alone in it for longer stretches. Although, you also just like to watch people, and are quite content to sit in your highchair and supervise when we make supper.

You’re starting to recognize people now, which I love. When I come home from work or walk into the room so you can see me, I get smiles and you reach your little hands up. You also like to imitate kisses by basically trying to eat my face. It’s more adorable than it sounds.

We love you so much baby girl, and we’re so thankful to have you in our lives.

Love, Mom

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