Dear June: 8 Month Old Baby

June 8 Months-2

Dear Junie,

This month, I’m late with posting as usual, but I’ve been keeping a running list of your ever changing ways. My favorite new thing: Mama. Yep, you know how to say Mama now and it melts me. Your favorite thing, however, is riding on your dad’s shoulders. He carries you around up there and as soon as you’re on your perch your face just lights up. Your other favorite thing is riding in your little walker. Vera likes to push you around all over the place and the two of you laugh hysterically.

Some other things you like are eating baby food, which you get to do for dinner time now. You can’t get enough. You also love Lucious and smile and reach for him whenever you see or hear him come into the room. You can sit up now by yourself for long periods of time, and you seem to like it much better, because you can look all around the room and watch everyone. You learned to wave, and also have started to realize when I leave the room. Drop offs at daycare got a little sad for a while, as you would cry as soon as you figured out I was leaving. For the most part though, you still are smiley and happy all the time. After an initial scared few minutes, you’ll let almost anyone hold you.

In the morning time, you usually wake up around 5am to eat. Sometimes you go right back to sleep in your crib, but usually I end up bringing you in bed with me to snuggle until your dad wakes up at 6 and takes you downstairs so I can get an extra hour of sleep. I love that time with your little warm body curled up next to me. Sometimes you snooze and sometimes you just talk to me and pull my hair for an hour.

Probably the biggest physical change this month was the addition of three new teeth on the top. They are just starting to come in, but it hasn’t really affected your mood in the slightest.

We love you, baby girl, and can’t wait to see what next month brings for us all.

Love, Mom

June 8 Months


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