Dear June: 9 Month Old Baby

June 9 MonthsDear Juniper,

This month, you have really stared to develop a personality. You love to talk when no one else is (which is rare if your sister is around), you love to pull my hair (I think that is your favorite thing), you love to bite any paper you can find.

Speaking of biting, you have 4 top teeth all in a row. Added to the two bottom ones you were sporting last month, that’s six tiny teeth total! You’ve also learned how to crawl, or at least army crawl, since you don’t really get your tummy up off the ground yet. But you move pretty fast, regardless. It’s so cute to see your little butt scooting around.

You have started to collect nicknames recently. We’ve always called you June and Junie, but now you also go by Baby J, Nipper, June Bug, Bug, Buggie, and Vera’s favorite, JB. We’ll have to see what sticks I guess, because I can’t really imagine you responding well to Buggie as a teenager. But you never know.

You have been eating one meal a day and trying out new foods. You’re still mostly on breast milk, with one formula bottle before bed, and your dinner of baby food. You LOVE to eat.  (You are your father’s daughter.) You eat anything that is in front of you, but apparently prefer to cram it all in at night. I’ve been told that at daycare you are too busy watching the other kids to worry about eating, but from the time I pick you up from daycare until you go to bed, you stuff yourself.

You are still the happiest baby, and so easy going. Maybe too mellow, it seems, as at your nine month checkup, the doctor found two ear infections. You had been (are still) acting completely normal and happy, with no odd symptoms at all, so it was a complete surprise to us, and I felt bad that no one knew you were in pain. You’re on the mend though and haven’t been phased at all.

I can’t wait to see what next month brings! We’re looking forward to a fun summer with you and your sister!!

Love, Mom

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