Dear Vera: 15 month baby

Dear Vera,

We’re one day late with your birthday post, but since it’s the holiday weekend, we had friends here last night and you got to play with some of your friends too! We all went to the zoo and you absolutely loved it. The first time we took you, you were entertained, but not really able to grasp the whole concept. This time though, you were running around, pointing at all the animals and banging on the glass to try to grab them. I guess it’s a good segue into how much more grown up you’re seeming these days.

I was just having a discussion last night about how we’re constantly underestimating you and how much you understand now. I still think of you as a baby in my mind, but I’m starting to see a toddler now. Even though you can’t verbalise everything, your little mind is working it all out. A few days ago, I asked you if you wanted some milk. You nodded yes, but you do that for every question, so I didn’t think much of it. I pointed to your cup and said “There it is. Go get a drink.”, and to my surprise you toddled right over and started gulping it down. It was the first time it really hit me how much you’re grasping of what we say to you.

You also love your books a lot more now. You don’t have much of an attention span to actually read through the stories, but you like to flip the pages and talk about the pictures. You point to all the things you recognize and call them by name. Sometimes everything looks like a kitty (or ti!) to you though. Haha.

Besides those things, you’re getting bigger all the time. You’re appetite has decreased a bit, but you have your molars in now, so you can eat almost everything we eat and you love that. I know you’re done when you start flinging food around the kitchen. Something you think is quite hilarious.

You’re also walking everywhere now, and that has become your favorite form of transportation. You barely crawl anymore and even like to walk instead of ride in your stroller. The one exception is that you love to have your dad carry you around. Not me so much though. I think it’s because there is such a good view when you’re up in dad’s arms. :) Oh I should mention that you’re still pretty wobbly when you do walk, and that bruise in this month’s photo is proof of that!

Speaking of your dad, he’s officially on his summer break now, so you’ll be spending a lot more time with him at daddy-daycare over the next few months until you start your new daycare next August. I’m looking forward to you getting to be at home with him during the days. I know he is too.

We love you so much!
Love Mom


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  • Erica

    Luke’s niece is around the same age. She still looks like a baby, but like you said, she an understand and do so much. I always get the giggles when she “responds” to what I am telling her because I underestimate her. So fun! Vera is a cutie!

    • Dawn Sailors

      Thanks Erica! Yes, it is hard to know sometimes when she is actually responding and when she is just mimicking. Either way is cute though! :)


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