Dear Vera: 23 Month Toddler


Dear Vera,

Twenty three months, and what a little lady you’re becoming. I feel like I should say I can’t believe that you’ll be two years old next month, but in a way I really can. You seem so much older now than I remember you being, and I really love this age when you can communicate with us, but I still get to hold and rock you every night (and don’t see you again till the morning).

Speaking of communication, you’re currently in the middle of a language explosion. You are using new words all the time, and forming small sentences. You read along with me to your books before bed and sing along to your favorite songs. You know what you want, and sometimes it’s a battle to convince you once you’re mind’s set on something.

On the flip side of that stubbornness though, you’re so sweet and polite. You say please and thank you- usually without any prompting, you give kisses and hugs, and you tell us you love us every day. You’re still shy around new people, but once you warm up you’re friendly, and honestly can be kind of a ham. You’re very entertaining!

You like to be treated like a “big girl” and your favorite phrase is “me too!” You can open all the doors now, and you think it’s your job to feed the cat and let him outside. Whether or not he needs/wants either one. Speaking of Lucious, you like to both chase him and hide from him. One of your favorite games is to hide from kitty under the sheets. We pretend to scare you and you love it.

I’m looking forward to your upcoming birthday next month. We just ordered you a special present and I know you’ll love it. But you’ll have to wait and see! Now I just need to get on making some invitations…

We love you so much and can’t wait to see what the next month brings us.

Love, Mom

vera 23 months-3

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