Pimp My Furniture: Dresser Dress Up

Since we found out last week that we’re expecting another little girl, I’ve been in full on nursery planning mode. My favorite part. But one thing I really wanted to do before I got too distracted was to finish up the dresser in Vera’s room.

She’d always had a low horizontal hand-me-down dresser in her room- since back when it was her nursery. I had painted it a fun turquoise color and really loved how much brightness and personality it brought into her room. But recently, I moved the more vertical dresser in there for a little more height and to save some floor space (also because I knew we’d need that horizontal dresser for the new nursery again), and it’s worked out perfectly. Except that her new dresser had never received the fun paint color that it’s brother got a few years ago, since this one was hanging out in the guest room unused for so long.

designingdawn_vs room rearranged-6

So even thought I loved the height, and the fit in the room, I wasn’t in love with how dark it was. Easy fix.

Over the past weekend, I picked up a test pot of paint from Lowes in the same color as the old dresser had been (Swim by Valspar), and went to town. The transformation is so worth the two-ish hours of paint time this took me.

designingdawn_turquoise dresser update-4

In addition to a new coat of paint for the dresser, I removed the handles and gave them a quick coat of oil rubbed bronze spray paint. I love how the blackish tones echo the black curtain rod and dark charcoal rug. I also picked up a few new accessories that you may notice. The new yellow clock and painted basket are both Target finds, and I think they add a lot to this little corner. We’re using the basket as a hamper and it has been amazing how it’s saved my sanity already by keeping V’s dirty clothes off the floor!

designingdawn_turquoise dresser update-5

I still need to finish painting the trim white in here, as evidenced by those ugly baseboards… but since I still need to do that in the nursery too, my plan is to recruit my dad and tackle it all at once. I’d also like to add some built-in shelves to replace the bookcase on the opposite wall, and some day down the line replace the old beige carpet (ick). But that will all come in time I’m sure. As for now, I feel a lot better about starting on the baby’s room now that Vera’s room is at least 90% complete. I’d hate to already feel like I was neglecting one kid for the other. Even if it’s only dresser painting. Parental guilt is a funny thing like that.

BUT… since this dresser is done, I’ve given myself permission to dive head on into decorating the baby’s room. Starting with her new dresser too!

nursery dresser

It’s looking a little rough right now, but trust me, I have a plan! And I’ll be sharing that plan here soon. But for now, I’m getting ready to add another couple coats of paint to this dresser, and trying to figure out where we stashed the front of the crib…

Have a great day!

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  • LIAT

    Where are the curtains from?

  • Bows&Beau-ties

    Such a cute little room! Really like the colours and the chic picture frames. Also congrats on the baby!

    new reader,

    xoxo Aimee


    ps Bows&Beau-ties’ Giveaway going on Right Now!

  • Milky

    Nice one! I liked it dark but the turquoise is even better. Just discovered your blog a few days ago, I really like it – I love the big changes you can make by a simple coat of paint or just a rearrange! I love to rearrange :)

    • Dawn Sailors

      Thanks so much! I know I’d love to be able to buy new everything for a room design, but since this is the real world, we make due with painting and rearranging… haha. Good thing I love rearranging too. It really does make a room feel new! :)


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