Exterior Updating: Shut the Front Door

A couple weeks ago, I showed you our brand new garage door, which totally changed the look of our house. That was only the beginning though, as we’re in the process of a complete exterior makeover, and this week I’m back with another update to share that really improved our curb appeal.

This time it was a much smaller door, but I think it had almost as big an impact. I’m talking about the front door, obviously. I mentioned in that garage post that this change was on the horizon. Primarily because our old door handle broke off, we were forced to make a hardware update. I was already toying with the idea of repainting the front door, since the whole exterior will be getting a new coat of paint soon, and I enjoy fun changes like that every once in a while. So I used the opportunity of the door handle being off the door as an excuse to go ahead and make a change.

I picked out a few color options and took an informal poll of my friends and family. Then, in my usual fashion, I completely disregarded their opinions and went with my gut. haha, jk. Most of them picked the same color I was leaning toward anyway, so it was an easy decision. I’ll skip right to the good stuff. Here’s an old photo from fall a few years ago, to show what our door used to look like:


And one more from right after the garage door went in a couple of weeks ago:

garage door

For reference, I actually painted it red (and painted the inside red too) after we moved in. When we bought it, it was painted a dark forest green, which you can kind of see in this real estate listing photo from back then:front exterior

And finally, here is the door today:

Designing Dawn - Bright Painted Front Door

Since the new house color will be dark gray, I think a robin’s egg blue door is going to be the perfect accent to bring some brightness to the porch, although I’m aware it looks a bit funky in the meantime. I am already amazed at how much more it stands out than the red though. I really love it. The color I chose was Bay Mist (5006-7C) by Valspar, and one sample pot was enough for two coats on the door.

Since we needed new hardware (we won’t bring up the fact that the handle we had before was one that we installed also, or that we only had it for five years before it broke), I decided to go big this time and get the one I really wanted. Which meant not just picking the best out of what my local store had in stock. Instead, I ordered this model from Amazon and I absolutely love it. It didn’t exactly go smoothly when it came time for install, and it took me like 5 hours to paint the door and install the handle, but I finally got it all figured out and am in love. While I was at it, I also updated the kick-plate with a new darker version to match the new handle.

Designing Dawn - Bright Painted Front Door

As a last little touch, I installed this cute door knocker that I bought online along with the handle. I love that it’s an anchor (because we’re the Sailors, get it?), and I think it adds the perfect finishing touch to the entry. It wasn’t quite as dark as I wanted when it came, so I just gave it a quick coat of oil rubbed bronze spray paint and… perfection.

Designing Dawn - Bright Painted Front Door

Designing Dawn - Bright Painted Front Door

I’m currently debating what to do with the storm door. I much prefer the look without it, but since our front door doesn’t let any light through, we leave it open constantly when we’re home, so the storm door is really practical. Maybe a white-trimmed door to match the window trim? In a perfect world (aka a no budget world), I’d opt for a new door with windows and get rid of the storm door all together… maybe someday, but for now, I’m going to wait and see how it looks when the painting is finished and then make a decision.

With just these couple of changes, I am already so much happier when I drive up to the house at night. I cannot wait to see how everything comes together once the painting gets started!!!

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  • LZ Cathcart@ The Summery Umbrella

    I’m definitely a HUGE fan of this new color! I desperately need to paint my front door and shutters, and I’ve been back and forth which ones should be the “pop” of color. Anyways, loving your choice :)

    • Dawn Sailors

      Thank you! It is such a nice change, and definitely stands out. Good luck with your color choice too!

  • Debbie demastus

    Love your front door, but could you tell me how you painted your deck floor and what kind of paint you used it looks amazing..

  • Londen

    Love the color and new hardware!!


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