Father’s Day Came Early…

We’re not great with surprises around here. Even though I always try my best to get one past the hub, its inevitable that we always somehow find out what every present is before Christmas or birthdays. Really, I’m ok with that. Sometimes it can take the pressure off of finding that perfect gift.

For father’s day this year, it is a typical no-surprise holiday. It is Brett’s first father’s day, so I really wanted to get him something he would love and remember, and I know he’s had his eye on a new smoker for a while. I wanted to surprise him, but of course he pulled the typical man trick of trying to buy it for himself a week before hand. Instead of going through the ordeal of finding another present after weeks of planning on this one, I just suggested that we consider this his present and he was pretty excited about that. So now we have a new smoker and Brett got his FD present a week in advance.


He was pretty amped to try it out. So much so that he had the whole thing put together within a couple hours of bringing it home and then insisted that we go to the store to buy a roast for him to smoke. Food is a big deal around here, at least to the hub. He does most of the cooking and it always has to be as healthy as possible. Nothing is more exciting than grocery shopping and nothing else matters until he’s had his breakfast in the morning (10-egg-white omelet and a weird oatmeal/peanut butter/protein mixture if you’re curious). What a nerd, makes me laugh though.

So anyway, after a small fire on the deck, we had a lovely supper of smoked pork the other night and we have plans to do it again soon. The pork, not the fire. I hope. Happy Father’s Day a little early!

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