Happy Halloween, 2014!!

Halloween is one of my favorite days of the year, and even more so now that I have kids. I love the excitement of making costumes. Coming up with an idea, finding just the right pieces, and seeing it all come together. I just love it!

If you follow me on the Facebook or the Instagram then you’ve been seeing my excitement all week leading up to the big day as I looked back at Vera’s costumes from the past few years.

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Halloween night is always a little crazy for us, so, no time to post, which is why this Halloween costume is up on the blog today instead. This year, I was so excited to get to make two little costumes! And of course they had to go together.

Without further ado, I give you The Queen of Hearts, and her White Rabbit:


Seriously it was so much fun making these two costumes! June’s came together at the last-minute when, after looking for weeks for an inexpensive infant vest, I finally just broke down and made my own out of a couple of squares of black glittery vinyl I picked up at Michaels. $2 vest, yay! I just drew and cut out a very rough vest pattern, using one of her tiny shirts as a sizing guideline. Then I sewed the top and sides together, stapled on some playing cards, and glued down another vinyl strip and added two decorative heart stickers. It seriously took about 15 minutes total.

One of my favorite things this year was that Vera is (almost) old enough to actually let me put makeup on her. I mean, look at this face!


Speaking of faces, I coached V to give me a mean frown for pictures. You know, really get into her character. This is the result.


But don’t be fooled by the frown. She was thrilled with her costume. June was nonplussed about the whole affair, in case you’re wondering. She pretty much just looked around and took it all in stride… ears and all. But Vera, she was excited. I was unsure at first how she’d handle not getting to dress as Elsa this year. (Did anyone play the Frozen drinking game? Shots for every Elsa that came to the door would have taken me out early, but we had some creative ones! No two alike.) I was hoping to eek out at least one more year of getting to pick and make her costumes for her. We discussed what she would be and as soon as she heard that she got to wear a crown and a tutu, she was on board. Day made (for us both).


As for the rest of the costume details, most of Vera’s costume came from Goodwill, as all good Halloween costumes should, according to me. I picked up the white tutu, red tutu, and gloves in the same trip. The heart shirt she already owned, and I just made the shoulder decorations out of the same vinyl sheets I used for June’s vest. Her tights came from a costume store for $1. It was an amazing find while I was searching for bunny ears. The hearts are glued onto the tutus and also cut out of vinyl. Her crown was what got this whole costume idea brewing in my mind. I picked it up the week of the H&M grand opening here in Omaha. It was too perfect to pass up. I just added the decorative heart stickers all around.


June’s fuzzy pants came from Baby Gap and you can bet she’ll be wearing them all winter. The onesie she already had, and I already mentioned I picked up the ears at a costume shop. They’re actually part of an adult costume… Don’t tell Brett his daughter dressed as a sexy bunny though. ;)

I found her pocket watch last-minute at Hobby Lobby. I was looking everywhere for a small clock that could work with her costume and this one showed up like a gift from the Halloween gods. It came on a little stand that I unscrewed from the back. We had some leftover chain from installing our kitchen lighting, so I attached it to the top of the clock and a perfect pocket watch was born.

Overall, another successful Halloween if you ask me! I hope you all had a safe, fun, and Happy Halloween too!

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