Happy Valentine’s Day!

I hope you’re having a very special day today, friends. We spent last night putting together V-day treats for Vera’s daycare friends, and having a fun time with it. Last year I was a little more creative with these ‘Cutie’ valentines, but this year we were in a bit of a “oh-what-it’s-valentines-day-already??” time crunch, so I went the easy route and snagged eight of these little lovey sippy cups on sale at Target. I also grabbed a few bags of V-day colored M&M’s and we already had some silver and pink mints left over from an old get together.

Vera was very excited about it and meticulously filled each little bottle with exactly three mints. Then I helped her pour the M&M’s over the top and put the lids back on the cups. Presto! Instant cute valentines for all her friends.





V told me “Mom, these are GREAT!” and then went through the list of who each one was for about six times (this one’s for Jack, this one’s for Vada, this one’s for Andrew.. etc.). Then she woke up at 3:30 today asking if it was morning so she could take her treats to daycare. Then again at 4:30. So I think it’s safe to say she was excited.

I hope you’re having a great Valentine’s day with friends and loved ones today!

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