Heads Up…

I have some exciting things planned for the new year that I’ll be able to tell you more about at a later date, but one that I can spill the beans on now is a brand new look for the blog.

Here’s a little preview… although even this may change up a bit before the launch. I’m indecisive. What can I say?

New look - sneak peak

I’ve been working on it for a while, and plan to launch it around the new-year, so stay tuned. It should be a nice upgrade, and will include some sweet features that I’ve been missing on the current site. In the meantime, while I work behind the scenes to slowly figure out the coding of the new design, please please excuse anything that I break on the current site.

If you notice any links that don’t work, random elements that don’t seem to belong, strange fonts, or anything else that seems strange, chalk it up to the fact that I’m hacking away at the coding and let’s hope together that it’s all worth it by this time next month! K? Also this may make posting a bit more sporadic until then, as I’m spending time coding instead of writing.

Ok! Thanks friends! I hope you’re having a splendid holiday season so far. I’ve got almost all my shopping done early this year (I know!!) so now I can focus on fun work stuff like this in my spare time. :)


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