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I’d like to introduce you all to the second most disgusting room in our home. Our guest bathroom. Prepare yourselves and please don’t judge us. It’s bad. (I will get to the first most disgusting room- the master bathroom- another day btw. I’d hate to scare you off.) As usual, I’ll start with a couple before photos.

When we bought the house, we loved the huge vaulted ceiling and skylight in this bathroom. It doesn’t have any windows, but the skylight provides a ton of natural light and the high ceilings make it seem so much bigger than it really is. What we didn’t love was the carpet. We also didn’t love the shredded wallpaper or the golden oak vanity and laminate top. For the record, I’m also not a huge fan of the shower tile, but that will probably be a farther-down-the-road project. Soooo… pretty much everything below the ceiling.

I haven’t exactly been shy about saying that the whole house was pretty disgusting when we moved in, but the thing that makes this room the second most disgusting room is the fact that we have barely touched it in the past two and a half years. And then there’s this:

This is why you DO NOT put carpet in a bathroom people. Yep, that’s right. We’ve been living like this. In our defense, we basically avoided this room completely for the first two years. Now we do shower in there because of some issues with our master bathroom shower (Again, I’ll get to that room someday. That’s a whole other story that involves purple counters and even more carpet.) but otherwise we don’t use it at all for getting ready, etc.

I’m actually also a little scared to pull this carpet up for what we might find underneath it, so that will likely be deemed “man-work”. Don’t feel bad for the hub though. I tackled the cat pee carpet all by myself, and I’ll be sure to remind him of that should he protest. Anyway, enough of my defensive excuses for living with moldy carpet. Here’s what the room looks like right this second:


As you can see, I started painting the cabinets (a pregnancy/nesting project that I got burned out on halfway through), hung a shower curtain and one of my paintings, and started ripping out lights and mirrors, but that’s about it. We got some of the paper off the walls too. For the most part it comes off pretty easily, so really it’s just been laziness busyness. We also replaced the shower head out of necessity when the other one started spraying water everywhere and then broke in half. :/

I know. No eye candy here today. But all is not lost. Now for the good part. (Or the even more embarrassing part depending on how you look at it.)

One of the things that has been holding us back from really diving in on either of our larger bathrooms (see the smaller half-bath makeover here if you missed it), has been the fact that we aren’t, in fact, wealthy, and we haven’t really prioritized them on our money-needs-to-go-here list.

BUT, a few weeks ago my dad (one of the few people who actually uses our guest bathroom regularly when he stays with us) offered to help us out and pay for new flooring in that room if we did everything else first. Can you believe it?!? He’s calling it an early Christmas present. I personally think he was embarrassed for us by the state of things in there. But whatevs, I took that deal in a second and we’re getting a new bathroom people!! Wooo hoo!

Ok, ok. I won’t leave you with NO eye-candy. Here is my favorite bathroom inspiration picture at the moment.


I love the colors, that rug!, the double curtain and the waterproof art in the shower area. We haven’t landed on a definite design direction yet (this is LITERALLY the ONLY room in the house I didn’t put together a detailed plan for before we’d even moved in) but I’m leaning towards grays and yellows. Yes? I can’t wait to get started!

In fact, just yesterday I made a very quick stop at Lowes to pick up the first new thing for the bathroom. New hardware for the vanity.



You like? Vera helped me pick it out. And by helped, I mean she tried to pull all the hardware out of all the drawers and eat it. Then she cried when I put it back, while I alternated between trying to comfort her and trying to pretend like she wasn’t mine. Haha, jk. I hope to get started this weekend on some bathroom updates! I’ll keep you posted.




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  • Erica

    Haha! I love how Vera helps! She was just trying to make sure everything you were putting in your house would be tasty. Love the gold and grey!


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