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Another room report. I really haven’t posted much on this room because we only use it when we have guests stay with us (and then it’s really them who use it, not us, ha), but since I moved a mirror into here back in December, I thought I’d go ahead and give you a full tour. Here was the room when we moved in:

I also have another ulterior motive for doing this room next on the house tour, but I’ll get to that later. For now, here is our guest room:

This is one of the first rooms we did when we moved, because my dad was staying with us so much to help with our various projects (yeah, this project wasn’t his first rodeo), and also because everything in here was stuff we already had from previous apartments, so it didn’t require a lot of planning or any big purchases.

If that dresser looks familiar, it’s because its part of the set that included Vera’s changing table, before it became blue. They both used to be white and flowery, and then when I had my own little apartment, I painted them black. As for the quilt and curtains, they were also in my first little place, and both came from Urban Outfitters about 5 years ago. Being that they were the first two things I bought out on my own after college, they have a special place in my heart, and I still love the rich red and the beautiful flower patter of that quilt that I splurged on (for me) back then.

So there it is. It’s not anything fancy, but it’s comfy and functional for now. But now to my real reason for this post. I have big plans for this room in the future. Big girl plans that is, because we’ve decided that in the (probably not immediate) future, this will become Vera’s big-girl room.

Her nursery is right across the hall from our bedroom, and we’d ideally like to keep it as a nursery for any future babes. There is another room (our current office) right next door, but we like sleep, so ensuring a little noise separation between kid rooms is a good plan we think.

I should probably interject here that we are not expecting or even trying to have a second baby right now. I just like to think ahead. Couple that with the fact that my dad is moving, which means we’ve been inheriting a lot of new furniture, and I’ve had space-planning on the brain.

So without further ado, here is my (very) rough sketch of what I imagine for V’s BGR (that’s a lot of letters, follow along here).

Cute right? We’ll be turning the little nook where the dresser currently is into a fort/cubby area complete with books, stuffed animals, and lots of snugly pillows, and curtained off for privacy and fun kid time. You might also notice two beds. Who didn’t want two beds as a kid? We actually currently have three mismatched twin-sized beds, so I plan to keep at least two, paint them a matching color, and go for an eclectic look. I hope they both fit!

This is just a start and we plan to reuse a lot of the decor from her nursery, but I’m excited already. And we probably won’t even start this for months if not a year or more! But that just gives me more time to plan.

So there’s the real motive. I wanted to get this guest room revealed before I start dreaming up any more ways to change it. How’s that for a reason? At least now you can appreciate any future changes. ;)



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