Inspiration: Bus Scrolls round 2- and one of my very own!!!

Since I last posted about how much I love the subway art/bus scroll trend (here), I’ve been seeing them pop up more and more, in all kinds of decor (even in a Street of Dreams mansion!). So I collected a few more images for your viewing pleasure. :) Here you go!

Beautiful right? I am still in love with this particular trend, and I finally have one of my very own! Yep, if you remember from that last post on the subject, my friend Jamie runs an Etsy shop called Mercantile Mill selling his hand-made bus scrolls. We worked out a trade (I designed some brochures for him) and he made me THE MOST AMAZING bus scroll. Here she is:

Isn’t it beautiful? The aging and detail are perfect. Jamie made this one for me on wood instead of canvas. More child-proof I think, and will hopefully last forever. Plus I like how sturdy it feels. I actually got this piece quite a while ago, but I had such a hard time figuring out the best home for it, that I put off posting about it until now. At first, I thought the height and size were absolutely perfect for the big blank wall in our stairwell (sorry in advance for this terrible photo):

And they are. But I hated the thought of no one seeing this beauty. It really is quite stunning, and I wanted to show it off as much as possible. So finally, the hub and I decided we had the perfect spot. Once we moved the vintage radio from the reading room into the living room, the angled wall in that now-empty corner was begging for a bus scroll. And we gave in.

Here’s what it used to look like before the switch up, for comparison. Oh and don’t mind the snowflake. Recycled photo from last Xmas.

I bought this french cleat hanging system to make sure it was nice and steady. It holds up to 200lbs and comes with a built in level, which was very helpful since this was such a large and heavy piece.

It is fairly straight-forward to use. You just level one side on the wall, and attach the other side to your artwork. The two sides hook onto each other and hold the piece in place.

It’s perfect here. It’s like the whole room points to it, and the scale was meant to be. So I am quite pleased. But it did look a little lonely, so I’ve been busy busy with some other big changes in this room too. :) That would be the birthday weekend project I mentioned on Monday. Here’s a hint: from that photo above, you can tell we also moved my old drawing desk in here temporarily. You’ll have to wait and see the rest, but it is fair to say, this is now one of my favorite spots in the house! :) Have a great weekend!




PS~ If you would like to order your own bus scroll from Jamie’s shop, Mercantile Mill, he very generously offers my readers 15% off! Just enter the code 15offmerch at checkout. Thanks, Jamie!

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