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Remember how back in June I got to attend the Omaha filming of the Antiques Roadshow, thanks to Nebraska’s PBS station, NET? Well, a couple of weeks ago, I got to attend another NET event, and this time I got to bring the girls along with me!

If you’re a PBS watcher who has kids, you’re probably familiar with the names Mr. Steve and Hooper. Well we got to meet them at the Joslyn Art Museum two weekends ago, where Mr. Steve put on a concert for the kids, and Hooper was on hand for photo ops. It was so much fun! The girls loved it, and Vera even got to go up on stage to dance!

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The show was at 10:30 and was free to attend, but you had to register in advance to make sure there was room. I told my sister about it, and she got to bring her son, Barrett, along to see the show too. The kids had a lot of fun. Here are my girls getting pretty excited before the show! Well, at least one of them was excited. Haha.

Designing Dawn - Mr. Steve comes to Omaha

Our day started at 9:30 when we got to the Joslyn and were ushered to our seats in the front row. We got to see them setting up for the show, and meet Mr. Steve while he was doing his sound check. It was really neat for Vera to get to see him up close and talk to him a little bit before the museum was open to the public.

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Despite not looking quite as thrilled as Vera in the photo above, June got into the action as soon as the music started.

After the show, Mr. Steve and Hooper were there to meet all the kids and take photos. Vera was thrilled!

Designing Dawn - Mr. Steve comes to Omaha-4

Then, of course, we stuck around for a bit to play at the museum. I have a degree in fine art, so it’s probably no surprise that the Joslyn Art Museum is one of my favorite places in Omaha, and I wasn’t passing up the chance to spend some time. :) - Mr. Steve comes to Omaha

Overall, we had a really fun time and I have to thank NET again for giving us the chance to go to the show, and the Joslyn for hosting the event! It was certainly a day Vera won’t forget. :)

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