Nursery Comparison

Quick post today because I realized that I completely forgot to do my before/after shot of the nursery reveal. The difference is dramatic and I love it.

Buying a home that is completely outdated can be overwhelming, but transformations like this one make it all worth while.

A little closer view:

A brief overview of everything we did in this room. Of course it started with removing the terrible floral wallpaper that covered every inch of the room and taking down the old beat up mini-blinds and window valance. That task quickly led to the discovery of the window damage which led to a window replacement and sadly the loss of my beloved window seat.

After that, the fun began. I had actually planned to leave this room alone for a while, only venturing in when we needed an extra bed for those times when the main guest room wasn’t quite enough sleeping space. It actually looked like this for a few months:

Nothing special, but it worked for what we needed at the time. When we found out we were expecting, though, it was on! Decor ensued and ended with the (nearly) finished product, a nursery I am in love with.

And just because I’m never quite satisfied, here is my list of still to do’s for this room:
1) Paint or replace baseboards
2) Replace Carpeting
3) Find or make some sort of storage for the piles of toys and dolls we’re slowly but surely accumulating
4) Upholster the rocking chair

Hopefully one of these days I’ll get around to some of those things…

If you haven’t already told me what you think, I posted room pics on HGTV’s Rate My Space website, so go rate it! :)

And finally, lets do a budget breakdown. I am rounding and calculating this as I go, so I’m sure I’ll be as surprised as anyone to find out the total for this room makeover. Hopefully its a good surprise.

• New Window – $0! (It was a wedding gift from my in-laws, installed by Brett and his dad. Thanks guys!!)
• Paint, including for the dresser – aprox. $70 (We also used these colors in other places throughout the house, so they went far)
• Mirror – $0 (already owned)
• Dresser – $0 (already owned)
• Chair – $20
• Crib – $450
• Rug – $30
• Bookshelf – $30 (not pictured)
• Hand Lamp – $0 (Thanks to a wedding gift card!)
• Storage Bin Seating – $35
• Curtains – $80
• Posters – $40 (for frames, printing cost and matting)
• Shelves – $20
• Flag Garland – $35
• Bedding – $180
• Wire V and frame – $50
• Other Accessories – aprox. $250??

Room Total: aprox. $1290.00

A whole room redone for under $1500?? And that includes furniture. I am pleasantly surprised!


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