Office Update: The perfect chair

My office has slowly become one of my favorite areas in the house. I say slowly, because it has been a long progression over several years, but it’s finally at a stage that I really enjoy. Of course, I’m me, and there are always things I’d like to improve/add. For example, I’d love to acquire a vintage desk lamp for my desk, and swap out the clunky old tower Mac with a shiny new iMac, which of course would free me up to move the wireless printer off the desk entirely– maybe onto the bookshelves on the other side of the room, making the whole desk area more clutter free. Ah, daydreams. Someday, someday.

But for now, all the big pieces in this room are finally things I really love. And the newest is something I’m especially proud of, because it’s something I’ve coveted for a very long time. Please allow me to introduce my brand new Eames-style Eiffel Chair .

Designing Dawn - office chair

This is one of those things that I knew I’d eventually break down and buy, but every time I thought about it, something else came up, or it just didn’t seem practical. Finally this year, I decided to use a little of my Christmas money to give myself a present that I really wanted. And I’m so glad I did. I just LOVE the way it pairs with the vintage Sculptra desk.

One of my resolutions in 2015 (and in my third decade of life) is to start investing in pieces I really want, rather than settling for things that are close but not perfect. This is one room where that philosophy is actually a reality for me. I LOVE the desk, I LOVE the rug, I LOVE the open shelving, I LOVE the arco lamp, I LOVE the bus scroll. And even though it’s taken a while to get here, that’s a lot of love for one room. For a long time, I had just ok chairs in here. Or chairs that weren’t even ok from a visual standpoint, but were just what was readily available. Finally having the chair I’ve wanted for so long is a really good feeling.


In case you’re curious, these are the exact chairs I bought (yes I actually got TWO of them!) and so far I really like them. I was worried about the quality since the price seemed relatively low compared to some other options, but so far they seem to be very sturdy and look really nice.

So that’s the latest office update. I’m loving it!

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  • Cado

    I like it! Do you miss having rolly wheels though? And where did you put the other chair?! :)

    • Dawn Sailors

      Surprisingly I don’t miss the wheels at all! I wondered if I would, but I was so tired of hating the look of the chair in that room, that I haven’t even noticed the lack of wheels. The new chair is light enough to easily move when I’m sitting. As for the old chair, it actually was on loan to us from my sister, who didn’t have a spot for it when she gave it to me, but later told me that whenever I was done with it she could put it to use in her work office. So it found a good home!


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