Offspring: Baby Food Finally

We’ve been putting it off for a while, but it’s finally here. Vera’s officially a spoon-fed baby. Not totally of course, but at least once a day, we’ve got her eating baby food.

It’s not that we didn’t want her to eat real food, but we’re both strong believers that breast milk is the beast source of nutrition for babies and we wanted V to be on it exclusively for as long as possible. (Ok, and maybe a little bit that we didn’t want her to grow up quite so fast.) But it has become clear that she is her father’s daughter and the girl just loves to eat! I couldn’t keep up with her and even with supplementing some formula she was still hungry. So we started adding cereal a few weeks ago, in her bottle at first and then mixed thicker and fed with a spoon. She thinks it’s the greatest thing ever and I can’t wait to keep letting her try new foods to see how she reacts to each new taste.

Eating Baby FoodShe loves to try to help me feed her and will grab the spoon and shove it toward her little mouth. Naturally it gets a little messy, lol. Obviously this eating arrangement (i.e. V sitting on my lap to eat) can’t continue. Looks like a high chair purchase is in our near future. Any recommendations?? I really love these two(from here and here), but they seem pricy and price matters around here. Sigh. We’ll see.

high chairsWe want to try making some of her food on our own, so I’ll let you know how that little experiment goes, but for now, full and happy baby!

Anyone have any good advice for transitioning into baby food? How old was your baby when you started and what foods are your kids favorites? Oh and don’t forget to share if you have a high chair you love, cause we’re looking!



  • Samantha

    We started solids a week before my girls turned 6 months.  We have gone slowly with the solids… they have enjoyed everything except plums.  I make all the food myself.  If you haven’t already, check out

    I have the Peg Perego Pappa Prima Diner seat and they are amazing.  We love love love them.  My husband was just saying he thinks it’s the best quality baby product that we own.  They have a nice recline for feeding smaller babies.  The recline helps me because now my girls can both feed themselves their bottles when I’m in a pinch.

    • Dawn Sailors

      Thank you! That makes me feel better to know that we aren’t way behind on starting her. We were told we could start adding cereal at 4 months, but that seemed so early. I will definitely look at that site too. Thanks for the recommendations!


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