Offspring: Recently

I am tired from the week tonight, and reruns of The Mentalist are on. So instead of writing a lengthy post, I’ll show off some of my favorite recent photos of my baby girl. Growing up so fast.

Hates it when Dad’s behind a closed door.

Miss popular with the neighborhood kids. Playing with her friends.

Farmer V. Looks like a little boy, but a cute one.

Yep. She’s a cute little boy.

Smelling the flowers at the lake.

My favorite. Little angel.

Tomorrow’s my day off. Hoping to get a lot done and come back with a good bathroom progress report this weekend. Night!


  • StephC

    omgosh, where did you get her overalls? They’re adorable!

    • Dawn Sailors

      Thanks! My hub actually picked them out when he was on a work trip. They’re from a Gap outlet in Salt Lake City. He did good :)


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