On Turning 30

Today is my 30th birthday. And my sister’s 30th for that matter. Mixed feelings on this. A bit of disbelief that I am really 30 years old. I feel like I was just in college. Until I hang out with college age people that is. Haha.


But mostly today I am just feeling grateful and happy. I am 30 years old, am married to a wonderful friend and partner, have two healthy and beautiful daughters, own my own home (bonus that the hub let’s me have free reign to be creative with it), have a job and career I love (like I’d still do it if I won the lottery love), and I have this little blogging hobby that keeps me entertained. Pretty much all around a great 30 years and I couldn’t ask for more.

There’s no where I’d rather be in my life right now, and that’s a great feeling. That and still being able to button my high school jeans after aforementioned two children… so #winning haha. ;)

Happy birthday, Dania. Here’s to another wonderful 30 years!

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