One last Denver Post

…Because I found more pictures! Sorry some are not so great quality, but they’re from my phone. Forgive me. So here are a few more for your viewing pleasure. I’m fully aware that I have now become that person who won’t stop talking about her vacation and forcing people to look at photos. But I swear this will be the last time I mention it. :)

But I forgot to mention the shopping!

I die! One of everything please.

Look at those bus scrolls. I keep seeing them everywhere, and you’ll see another here on the blog very soon! Hint, hint! ;)

Awesome chair at Anthropologie. Possible inspiration for my Louis Chair?

Sweet window display at Anthro

A little break for dinner and some relaxation.

Dinner and a show! Lol, Right outside the cafe window.

My absolute favorite purchase of the trip!

And just a few more concert shots from before my phone died.

Finding our seats for the show!

Waiting for some entertainment.

I think every seat there is an awesome seat.

Awesome view!

I swear that’s it. No more Denver posts. Ok, have a great night!!


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