Twin Tuesday: Advancing Abode

Dania here.

As I have mentioned in previous posts, my husband and I are undertaking the stressful but exciting adventure of building a new house. We sold our old home, found a lot we loved, and began designing our new home.


House Lot

It has been quite the process, although in the meantime I get to live at my in-law’s lake house and see this view all day every day.


Lake View

Happily though, after waiting a month and a half for a building permit, construction on our new house has finally begun!! It was a very exciting day when I drove past the empty lot and saw this…


Lot is dug! #haybaleinmyyard

Even more exciting, we are now seeing some actual construction take place, as they formed and poured the basement foundation.



Although we still have several months to go, it is exciting to watch the process begin. In other exciting news, the husband and I went to pick out all the lighting for our new home last night. I had been looking forward to lighting for a while, and it was as fun as I had imagined it would be. For the most part, we agreed on all the fixtures… until we got to the pendants which will hang about the kitchen island. I wanted a statement piece (check out my Pintrest board for my inspirations). After all, they are not a permanent fixture, and easily replaced if I tire of them. Chad wanted something simple and vanilla…his usual preference.

In the end, I text my sister (or as Chad calls her, ‘the other half of my brain’) and we overruled Chad on the pendant decision. That’s how sisters work you know. I considered showing a picture of the ones I selected, but I think I will wait for the finished product. Let’s just say they are awesome! A real statement piece.


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