Twin Tuesday: Bella and Gwen

I have featured a lot of baby twins here on Twin Tuesday, so I really enjoyed the change up of reading this week’s answers from Jessica about her eight year old twin daughters, Bella and Gwen. Looking at pictures of these two beautiful girls reminds me of my sister and I when we were young and completely inseparable. Jessica writes a blog about raising her girls that I love. It’s called My Baby Birds and is a funny and honest look at being a mom of three girls (the twins also have a younger sister). I’ll let Jessica take it from here.

Are your girls identical or fraternal? Do twins run in your family?
They are identical, and twins do not run in our family. We suspect they are a product of a few missed birth control pills, resulting in hyperovulation.

When did you find out you were expecting twins and what was your reaction?
I find out at my second doctors appt. I was about 12 weeks pregnant and my husband was deployed. I cried hysterically for about 30 minutes; the pregnancy was a surprise and the twins were an even bigger surprise! But, when my family and husband reacted with excitement, I started to become excited as well.

How did you go about picking names?
I picked one, Bella, simply because I thought it was pretty. My husband chose the other, Gwen, because of a long-standing crush on Gwen Stefanie. We knew we didn’t want matching names.

What is the hardest part about having twins?
The first year was the hardest. They weren’t good sleepers, were difficult to keep on a schedule, and we were both active duty. I don’t know how we made it through some days, but being young worked in our favor…you don’t need much sleep.

What is your favorite part about having twins?
They are best friends. It makes going to dinner, travel, moving, and rainy days at home twice as fun. It’s also nice that they can share clothes and toys. My husband liked that it was unique. We didn’t know anyone with twins and it made him feel special.

What advice would you give to other parents of twins?
Stay organized! Remember that the first two years are tough, but after that it’s actually easier because of the built-in-playmate aspect that I mentioned above. And allow them to express their individuality as they get older. Dressing twins alike may be cute at 2, but when they’re 8 let them be who they are.

Don’t you love these photos? So sweet! Thanks again to Jessica for taking the time to answer some questions for us! I hope you have a great Tuesday!




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