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Happy Tuesday! Is that not the best picture for the holiday season? As you can probably tell from the fact that it’s Tuesday and you’re looking at a set of adorable twins, I have another Twin Tuesday feature for you! Today’s super cute little guys are Gavin and Camden, the sons of Colette and her husband Quinn. Colette is a friend of a friend and I have no idea how she ever found time to answer my questions, since besides 22 month old twin boys, the family welcomed a new baby boy, Xavier, just six months ago. Busy mama! But enough of that. I’ll let Colette take it from here:

Are your boys identical or fraternal? Do twins run in your family?
Fraternal twin boys.  It’s crazy just how different they are.  Not just how they look, but even more so with their personalities. My husband, Quinn and I are both from very large families, and we both have twins somewhere along the line, but it has been at least 3 generations since there have been twins in our immediate families

When did you find out you were expecting twins and what was your reaction?
We found out at an ultrasounds when I was around 8 weeks pregnant and it was a big surprise.  Our doctor was laughing, I got teary eyed and I remember trying to reach for Quinn’s hand for the special moment, but he was too busy staring at the ultrasound screen with his jaw dropped.

How did you go about picking names?
We had a running list through the pregnancy and would add and remove names from time to time – once we were about 2 weeks out from our scheduled delivery day I decided to put all the names that were still on the list onto note cards.  I had a row of first names, middle names and then our last name and kept trying different combinations; since we wanted somewhat unique names, but also wanted them to sound good together I found it helpful to visualize. Then my husband and I each chose a couple to remove and set our top choices aside.  The day of the delivery, a scheduled C-Section since Baby A (now Gavin) was breech, we had a short list of about 5 names and decided to wait until we met them to choose.  We ended up with 2 great names, and made it extra special by using each of our dads’ first names for the boys’ middle names. Gavin Donald and Camden Phillip.

What is the hardest part about having twins?
It’s all we know, since they were our first kids so it’s hard to say what is the hardest (now that we have a singleton I can think of a lot of things that are easier, but again we didn’t know any better when the twins were babies), but now that they are both running around it’s pretty tough to take them anywhere on my own.  It is definitely a team effort at our house!

What is your favorite part about having twins?
Our twins are 22 months now and I absolutely love how much they love each other.  Of course they have their moments (tackling, biting, rough housing), but overall they are so sweet and silly together it just melts my heart every day.

What advice would you give to other parents of twins?
Stay calm.  I really feel like our energy level rubs off on the boys so the calmer you can be the better.  Now that Gavin & Camden are starting to talk and understand basic instructions (when they choose to) I find it is much more effective to squat down to their level and look them in the eye when asking them for something or when they are trying to tell me something.
gavin&camden2Aren’t they adorable? I love that they have completely different hair, but both look so cute! And I completely agree with Colette’s advice about staying calm. Kids really do seem to pick up on they’re parent’s energy, good or bad. Thanks again to Colette for answering my questions today. Have a great Tuesday!




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