Where I’ve been…

Where has the time gone??

Well, its been several months since I’ve even looked at this blog. I started it intending to keep it updated regularly, and then some things happened that I had never anticipated that took my focus in a completely different direction. Namely, I was given an opportunity to contribute once again to a company that I had helped to start about two years ago. It was something I loved at the time and when my services were no longer needed, I was disappointed and sad to leave after spending countless hours emotionally, mentally and physically invested in starting a business from scratch and helping to build it to a national brand.

So when the hub and I were approached about getting back into it this year, I was hesitant with that sting still fresh in my mind, but also excited to be able to contribute again and excited for the possibilities that I saw in the future for both my family and the company. Sadly, however, it seems that those future dreams are not to be, and my involvement in the business has, once again, been unexpectedly reduced and soon eliminated. I feel the same sting of anger, sadness, disappointment and honestly, embarrassment for allowing myself get so attached twice over. But I’ve learned some life lessons about business, family and money that I won’t soon forget, and that’s at least something I can hold onto while I let go of any bitterness and regret over how things have turned out.

So on to better and brighter topics! So much has happened since I’ve last written here, but the biggest change has been the life-changing arrival of my daughter, Vera. She is the new love of my life and I am finding it hard to remember what I did before she was here.

I still have a little time left on my maternity leave (I ended up taking 8 weeks), so I plan to use that to get this blog whipped back into shape while I try to prepare myself to not see this adorable face all day everyday.


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